Reliable Furniture Designer and Supplier for Retail Stores

Homenations Inc meets the needs of retailers and consumers by adapting to changing style trends and micro-demographics when designing furniture. Your customers will love our products because we always consider quality, price protection, functionality, and features.

Superior Designs

Our design teams based in the United States and China create custom and exclusive design processes to meet your specific needs. Anyone can sell a handful of designs, but we make sure no two designs or design programs are the same. We also support our trend ideas and styles with market research. This way, our must-have pieces can end up helping you increase your sales and gross margin dollars.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

We have many facilities both in the United States and overseas. We also have sourcing bases throughout Asia and several offices in both Asia and the United States.

Our factories include our state-of-the-art wood furniture manufacturer, FLB, in Southern China. In this facility, we produce pieces for retailers like Office Depot and OfficeMax, Staples, and Lowe’s. We have also established facilities in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Quality Control

Our quality control staff is second to none. We oversee projects and routinely send our products to independent testing facilities to ensure that the quality meets our standards. Industry-specific and customer-specific testing facilities have granted us certifications after testing.

Anyone can make a claim about product quality, but ours is supported by our US-based teams. Additionally, we always deliver our promises—from the start of production to when customers receive the product. Read reviews from our retailers to get a better idea of the quality of our work and services.

Customer Service

Our customer service center is in St. Louis, MO. This is where we handle different issues and keep a back stock of replacement parts, which we can ship out within 48 hours.

Price Protection

Since we are a factory direct and not sourcing agents, we produce our products and can establish the lowest prices. This allows your retail business to save more money.